Outdoor Maintenance

Outdoor Maintenance

Lawns and Landscaping are works in progress that requires a solid plan, good timing and constant outdoor maintenance. Because of this, TrimWorks offers the unique service of both residential and commercial property management. By offering comprehensive lawn and landscaping services, with outdoor maintenance throughout the entire year, we are able to provide our customers with professional quality landscaping all year long.

Just say no to those “mow and go” companies! A lot of companies can mow your grass, but TrimWorks will manicure your lawn. We take pride in offering quality affordable services. This means we take our time and avoid mowing when conditions are not favorable for your lawn which can leave ruts or damage your lawn. Each service includes:

  • lawn mowing
  • weed-eating
  • edging
  • blowing and debris removal

Adding mulch to your landscape beds provides several benefits which are both aesthetic and practical. Mulch reduces water evaporation, which potentially reduce water consumption by up to 25-50%. It also helps prevent weed growth and helps maintain soil temperature. Applying an adequate layer of mulch each year will help protect the investment of your beautiful landscape plants.

We value the relationships we build with our customers which is why we created our residential outdoor maintenance property management program. Together, we will tailor a lawn and landscape management program to meet the unique needs of your home or business property. Let us do all the work. All you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your beautiful landscape!

Grass, trees and plants can grow faster than landscape budgets. However, neglecting your investment could mean significant future expenses and reduce property values over time. We offer both monthly and seasonal maintenance programs to meet the needs of your business as it, and your landscaping, grows.