Newburgh Hardscape

Newburgh Hardscape refers to created environmental structures. This includes retaining walls, paved patios & walkways, water features, decorative rock, boulders and so on. These can be used simply to create a boundary between your landscape beds and your lawn or as an integral part to enhance the natural beauty of your outdoor space. Trimworks Lawn & Landscape offers a variety of different hardscape options for the Newburgh and Evansville, Indiana area. We take extreme pride and measures to make sure our work is of utmost perfection.

The popularity of adding a retaining wall has increased significantly. This is because of the flexibility of design, practical uses, and aesthetic options such as shape and color of the blocks. Retaining walls can also help prevent and reduce erosion and stabilize slopes while increasing the outside appeal of your home at the same time.

There is nothing like a hardscape outdoor patio to enhance the pleasure of owning a home. Our team of experienced professionals can help design and create a custom paver patio at a price to fit any budget. All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the end result.

There is nothing quite like the calming effect of enjoying a scenic waterfall or pond. We can help with designing and also installing a scenic retreat for your home or business for everyone to enjoy.

One way to liven up your home is to add decorate rock in your landscape beds. This gives them a rich, elegant, and also earthy feel. These stones come in several different sizes and colors to match anyone’s preferred style. Whether you are adding a new landscape area or want to remove your existing mulch and replace it with decorative rock for easier maintenance, TrimWorks Lawn & Landscape can get the job done.