Storm Damage Clean-up

storm damage clean-up

storm damage clean-up

Storm damage clean-up for the Evansville, Indiana and Newburgh, Indiana greater area.

Thunderstorms and lightning can inflict heavy storm damage to a persons lawn and landscape. Trees are much more vulnerable than we may assume. The tree branches that may have broken off are only what we first see. Sometimes the internal damage is too difficult to tell, and later down the road those branches break off and cause more damage. However, there are some measurements we can take before the storm:

1.Remove dead, diseased, or damaged branches.TrimWorks Lawn & Landscaping can come out and remove the dead, diseased, or damaged branches you currently have. Pruning branches not only makes the area look nicer, but it is much safer, causes less damage, and cheaper to remove these before they break. You can possibly skip the entire storm damage clean-up if you take this measure.

2.Tree inspection.While commonly the branches of the trees are usually broken in a thunder storm, sometimes the entire tree may come down. Storm damage a clean-up can become pretty messy at this point. That is why it is a great idea to have leaning trees or those with large cavities inspected, and if needed, removed.

3.Keep damaged or diseased trees away from utility lines.Please do not attempt to do this yourself. TrimWorks Lawn & Landscape can come out and give you a professional assessment of the situation. If needed, we can remove limbs and branches that have the potential to fall on utility lines.

These are some of the precautions you can take to help protect your lawn and landscape from storm damage. However, no matter what you do, the potential for damage is still there. TrimWorks Lawn & Landscape serve the Evansville and Newburgh, Indiana area to provide storm damage clean-up. We will remove the damaged limbs, broken branches, clean-up the mess and leaves, and make your lawn and landscape look beautiful again.

If you are needing Evansville, Indiana storm damage clean-up or Newburgh, Indiana storm damage clean-up click here to send us an email or give us a call at 812-550-4300 today.